onsdag 19 april 2017

Monday April 17 2017 - Week in the Life

It's that time of the year again, my favorite project Week in the Life takes place! I love this project, especially since I quit Project Life due to time priorities. 

Many things have happened since last year when this project was up and running. I only blogged three days (as you can see looking back) and back then we had a 3-year-old son and I was pregnant. This time around we have a 4-year-old and a 10 month old little guy. I'm excited to see how life has changed and what things stayed the same despite this change in our family. 
One thing that's definitely different this time is the weather. Sure, it's April vs. last year in May, but still. We had SNOW on Monday, and during the weekend. It felt crazy. Our Monday wasn't exactly the way it usually is since we visited family for Easter a two hour car drive from home, but we made it home for dinner routines so I decided to focus on those.

Mommy´s little helper loves peeling potatoes and helping out with dinner, that´s definately something worth documenting. The dinner was from a pre-planned "dinnerbag", honestly I don't know what you call it in the US :P

After dinner we had the regular evening routines which normally tend to be me taking care of the little man and breastfeeding him one last time before bed while my husband takes care of the older son and brush his teeth, read to him and put him to bed. After I put my little man to bed I went and took a picture of my husband and older son. When they were in bed we did the dishes and sat down on the couch a little while before I sat down by the computer and looked through today´s pictures. I made a mini collage of some pictures I took in the car on our way home as well. 

måndag 16 maj 2016

Wednesday, Day 3 of Week in the Life 2016

 I've simplified my blog process a tiny bit today. Instead of putting up a crazy amount of photos I have prepared the photos the way I will print them, in most cases 2 3x4-photos on a 4x6. Probably not as fun to look at from the perspective of a reader, but it made things simpler for me this time around.

I've noticed a lot of focus is on my son, not as much on me or my husbands day-to-day life. Sure, most things revolve around D, but we have a life as well, which I find a lot harder to document, because frankly, everything my son does is waaay more interesting than what I do.

This day started the way it always does at the moment, with our son running to the bathroom first thing, needing to pee. He normally gets a sticker after each time he goes to the bathroom, but honestly they don´t interest him as much any more since going to the bathroom is part of what he does as a normal routine now. But some days those stickers are very important.

I didn't do anything particular today since my body had to rest and wasn't feeling too well. Some cleaning and picking up after breakfast was all I did. The rest of the day was spent on the couch resting.

I picked up my son at around 3 pm and brought him a snack in the form of strawberries. He was overjoyed and loved it! He tells me each morning how important it is to him that I bring a snack after daycare. I don't dare forget it, because honestly, if he doesn't get his snack, he'll be a bit cranky for the rest of the evening before dinner.

We spent an hour at the park before heading home. On the way home he stopped to watch an excavator. There´s a lot of digging and building going on around our neighborhood at the moment. Many new buildings being built. Paradise for a little guy who loves these types of machines, even though he isn't as interested as he used to be.

It's very unusal that we go home early from the park, but for once none of his friends stayed and he, of course, didn't want to either. Instead we decided to go home and play some inside. I want to spend more time at home than the regular dinner + reading + sleeping, so this was a great chance for me to spend some quality time with my little guy. I had to document him chewing on his nails. This is something he does A LOT at the moment and we have not found any way of stopping it yet. It's so often that it even disturbs his play time. We just don't know what to do.

Wednesday means game night for dad, so D and I eat dinner on our own. Mostly these nights are extra cozy since I get all the attention from him, and he gets all the attention from me. When I make us dinner he normally gets to watch his favorite show 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' so I had to take a print screen of that and a photo of him watching it, of course.

Dinner today was meatballs and pasta, simple and appreciated.

 Below are also a few photos from dad's angle and from his game night. I will have him tell the story of the game night once I put together the album.

I had time to myself to reflect on what I want to do this week.
I had a wonderful evening with my son.
I had a lot of mixed feelings about my lazy day and the fact that I even skipped swimming, something I always do on Wednesdays.
I had a few hormonal breakdowns and a lot of nagging at myself for not doing enough at home.
I had a loooong chat with my sun at bedtime. He talked for one hour in bed without stopping once. Obviously they had let him fall asleep at daycare, making our bedtime routine approximately 55 minutes longer than it normally is ;)

tisdag 10 maj 2016

Tuesday, Day 2 of Week in the Life 2016

Welcome day 2!
What a fantastic start of the day to be able to watch this little man sleep. He's so big but so little at the same time. He´s so independent but so helpless at the same time.
Normally this little guy jumps out of bed long before I would like to announce morning but he seem to have a few days lately where he enjoy sleeping in. I don't blame him. With all the sun, playing outside and wonderful days he probably needs the extra rest.

In the middle of the night, around 2 am he wakes up and wants one of us to crawl in bed with him so that he can relax and keep on sleeping. During weekdays I'm the one sleeping in his bed since my husband is working full-time and gets up early (6.00) every morning. During weekends, however, my husband sleeps with him. My alarm went of at 7.15 today, but D didn't react the slightest to it so I took out the camera and shot some pictures of him sleeping. I decided to let him sleep for a while so that I could make some breakfast in the meantime. Today´s breakfast was banana pancakes, a favorite. When I make it for the two of us I mix four eggs with two bananas and add a bit of cinnamon and salt to the mix. If we have berries we eat those as well, today we had plain banana pancakes.

Yesterday, as you might remember, we slept in. However, today, I had to set the alarm because of a meeting with my sons´ daycare-teacher to talk about his development and projects at daycare the past six months or so. This is something which is done once or twice each year. Since it was hard getting D out of bed and since he ate his breakfast veeeeery slowly, I had to help him get dressed and run with him to daycare. I do not stress unless I really have to. I strongly dislike stress and I strongly dislike putting pressure on my son in situations where it´s unnecessary.
The meeting with Ds daycare-teacher went well and I was told what a fantastic, strong-willed, verbal little guy he is. He loves daycare and his friends and have no problem telling people what´s on his mind and stand up for what he believes in. When he´s decided something, that´s the way it's going to be. Sure sounds like our little man.

When the meeting was over I headed down town to buy some extra boxers for D since we don't have enough, unless we want to wash often, which I´d rather not. Just recently he quit diapers 24/7. From refusing boxers to refusing diapers. Once he had decided he was big enough to use the toilet that´s all he's been doing. It happened over night and was so cool to see. No potty training for him. He quit during the day, during the night and at daycare, all at the same time. We've had very few accidents, but they have happened.

While I was down town I decided to visit H&M to see if I could find any cheap summer clothes to dress my big belly. I didn't find anything but was able to take a picture of today´s fantastic look ;) I barely have any clothes that fit me anymore so a top and a black skirt is my look these hot days.

For those of you who don't know Swedish I'll let you know that my print screen next to my pregnancy picture states the following:
- 86,1% of my pregnancy has passed (which is 241 out of 280 days). 
- My due date is June 18 and I'm in week 35 (34+2) at the moment. 
- I'm in the third trimester and I have 39 days until due date. 39 days doesn't sound very long, but with the way my body feels and with all the hormones, it feels like ages. 

Of course I'm extremely happy with this pregnancy but I would be equally happy if the baby wanted to enter the world soon ;) Most importantly I want the baby to be ready for the world, so you are allowed to stay in there until week 38, please little baby.

Because of the heat and my body aching all over I decided to spend the rest of the day on the couch with pillows under my legs resting. My husband picked up D from daycare and spent some time at the park while I did pretty much nothing. I know I'll have buzy days ahead with a subway + train ride with my three-year-old. I'm a little worried how it all will play out, but only time will tell. Around 17.15 (5.15 pm) my boys came home and we told each other about our day and what had been going on. As always we wash our hands as soon as we come in.

Dinner was served (left overs from yesterday) and mommy couldn't resist buying strawberries earlier in the today, which meant dessert for the entire family! Strawberries and milk is summer to me, and there are few things I enjoy as much as this. D was very happy since he asks us pretty much everyday if he may have dessert after he´s finished his meal. We always tell him 'no, we only eat dessert sometimes'. Now a days he asks us 'is it sometime today?'. He was very happy when we told him that today was that special 'sometime' and that he could have dessert.

As soon as the strawberries were eaten D had to go brush his teeth and put on his pyjamas. He refused the pyjamas I had picked out for him and went to his wardrobe and picked out one that is way too small, but which I've forgotten to put away. I didn't care much about this and decided to let him have it. He put it on and spontaneously went over to his dad and gave him a big hug and kiss. I was sooo happy I caught that moment. So precious.
Each night D gets to pick out three books to read in bed. We've had to limit the number of books since he could go on forever. There´s nothing he loves more than letters and reading, especially at the moment. It's his biggest interest and I truly hope I will be able to document his interest in letters sometime this week. Anyway, dad did the reading today and D fell asleep in a matter of minutes after the lights were turned off.

Tuesday has come to an end and as soon as I wrap things up here I will hit the shower and read a few pages in my book.

I loved waking up next to my son and to get a chance to watch his peaceful sleeping.
I loved feeling the baby move inside me.
I loved being able to buy strawberries at the market to enjoy with my family.
I loved that I took so many photos I had to spend ages picking a few to showcase on the blog.
I loved that I didn't have to make dinner thanks to left overs from Monday.
I loved the fact that my sons daycare-teacher had so many wonderful things to say about our son.
I loved listening to my son communicate, laugh and tell us about his feelings, the events of the day and his friends.
I loved knowing that my son feels safe in expressing his feelings both at home and at daycare.
I loved having time to myself where I could rest my sore body.
I loved being part of this Week in the Life-project and all the things it has in store for me this week.


måndag 9 maj 2016

Monday, Day 1 of Week in the Life 2016

It's here, the week we all have been waiting for - Week in the Life! I thoroughly enjoyed WITL last time and hope to enjoy it equally as much this time around.

Today is May 9th, the day my mom was supposed to turn 55, instead, she passed away in March the year she was going to turn 36. Even though it´s been a long time since her passing, these days around her birthday are always extra emotional.

Monday started off in a very nice fashion, with a long sleep-in. My son normally sleeps until around 6.30 but decided today was a nice day to sleep until 8.40. The fact that daycare-activities start at 9.00 didn't quite bother him. We made it to daycare by 9.45 after a morning where my kid just wouldn't listen to nearly a thing I said and with my patience slowly fading as the minutes went by. Some days just seem to be like that.

When we got out my mood lightened quickly. What fantastic weather!! No sweaters or long pants needed. I had to take off my sons long-sleeve shirt right away due to the heat even this early in the day. This isn't something we normally get in Sweden in May. Before daycare I even had to put on some sunscreen on both my son and myself.

We have a short 5-10 minute walk to my sons daycare center and just recently (a little over a month ago) he decided he´s big enough to walk all the way there by himself and skip the stroller. This is something I find so wonderful since I get to hold his little hand in mine all the way there. It´s his initiative and I just love it! Every chance I get to get a hug, a kiss, a snuggle or some time to be close to this little guy, I make sure I take advantage of.

When I left him at daycare I spoke a little with his daycare-teachers before heading home. I had already decided this was going to be the day when I was going to finish off at least three of my sewing projects. Somewhere in the middle of it all, one of my sewing machines just broke down. A machine which suddenly breaks down during sewing combined with pregnancy hormones cannot end in anything but catastrophe! I broke down crying like a baby. This was my number one goal of the day! Not one of the pieces of clothing I inteded to finish were even nearly finished ;(

After having spent a few hours on forums, reading the sewing machine manual, trying different needles, threads, cleaning the machine, etc the machine still wasn't working, I broke down, again, and decided I needed a change of location. An ice cream on this hot, wonderful day would be my salvation, so I took a walk down to the gas station nearby and sat down in the grass for a while, trying to find some peace within. The ice cream tasted fantastic, but it didn't save my day like I had hoped. Oh well. Some sun on my face and a great tasting ice cream later I went back up to the apartment (after having taken a photo of our house) set on fixing the machine. Let´s just say, I didn't fix it and had another hormonal breakdown. I complained about all of this to my husband who promised he'd take a look at it tonight. We'll see if I'll have to toss it or if it´s possible to keep it. The machine is one of those really cheap ones so there´s absolutely no point in trying to repair it if it come to that.

Off to pick up my son at daycare. As always, he wanted to stay in the park for a few hours before heading home. I cannot say I´m sad about the decision to stay and play, you never know when it´ll be freezing cold again ;) Every minute we get to have this weather will be enjoyed by all parts of my family. Tomorrow is going to be like this again while the rest of the week will be much colder.

We played for some time before Ds friends from daycare started arriving at the park, and he could finally play with a few of them. He was most happy to see his friend E, of course, even though he just left daycare 30 minutes earlier. She´s always the one who´s closest to his heart and the one he wants to play with. The two of them are equally stubborn and mischievous.

Around 17.00 (5 pm) we went home to start our evening routines. While walking home, D drank lots and lots and lots of water and ran around with the water bottle as if it was the most precious item he had held that day. Also, it took quite some time to get home since we were accompanied by E and her dad. Two kids running around and playing all the way home can take some time ;)

Just before we made it home we met dad/husband outside who had just gotten off the subway. D ran towards his dad and gave him a big loving hug, and the look on both of their faces was just pure love. There´s nothing better than watching the love between my husband and my child. There´s nothing bigger than that.

With this heat and yucky sun screen on his skin, D had to take a bath when we came in, and for once he even liked washing his hair, something we normally have a lot of trouble with. Today was a great hair-washing day!

While my husband took care of the bath-routine,
I took care of dinner - some form of sausage stew or something similar. When bathing was done and over we all sat down to eat. D didn't have any appetite today and barely touched his food, not even the rice. A few pieces of pepper was all he wanted today. We don't put any pressure on him when it comes to food, things will only get worse if we do.

After dinner D wanted to sit on my lap to snuggle for a while. I won't say no to that. He had a little chat with the baby and patted my stomach as he spoke to it. He wanted to know what the baby was doing in there, if it was kicking and how it was feeling. I replied as best I could. These moments are so precious and dear to me! I love how he is bonding with his sibling and how he seem to be so curious to see who´s inside of mommy´s tummy. When I ask him who he thinks is inside he always replies "It´s a girl". Neither my husband nor I have any idea who might be in there, but we are extremely curious, of course.

Now, this day has come to an end and even though my emotions have been running high, I am so happy I've gotten to experience all the sun, all the lovely moments and all the smiles. I've been mad at myself for being so sensitive, at the same time as I've been trying to be kind to myself. After all, I'm pregnant, I carry a small person inside my womb, that is not just any small task, it´s a great responsibility. We are so happy this baby is on it´s way. We are so happy to be able to give our son a sibling. We are so happy we have each other and that we are blessed to build this beautiful family.

I felt pride when my son wanted to wash his hair all by himself and rinsed it out without any tears or complaints.
I felt happiness watching my son play with his friends.
I felt love seeing my husband and my child have a cozy bath-time together.
I felt joy when my son was touching my stomach, speaking to his sibling.
I felt annoyed by the fact that my only actual plan, to sew, failed big time.
I felt free when I could sit down in the grass, in sunlight, with my ice cream.
I felt hormonal too many times today.
I felt grateful for the sleep-in this morning.
I felt sad that I waisted so much time being hormonal.
I felt proud of myself that I spent the day trying to turn my mood for the better.
I felt blessed for many reasons.
I felt happy when I was told I was glowing and that my growing stomach was very beautiful.
I felt all sorts of feeling all through this day.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I´m very curious to see how your Week in the Life is going :) Wherever you are in the world, have a great week!