måndag 16 maj 2016

Wednesday, Day 3 of Week in the Life 2016

 I've simplified my blog process a tiny bit today. Instead of putting up a crazy amount of photos I have prepared the photos the way I will print them, in most cases 2 3x4-photos on a 4x6. Probably not as fun to look at from the perspective of a reader, but it made things simpler for me this time around.

I've noticed a lot of focus is on my son, not as much on me or my husbands day-to-day life. Sure, most things revolve around D, but we have a life as well, which I find a lot harder to document, because frankly, everything my son does is waaay more interesting than what I do.

This day started the way it always does at the moment, with our son running to the bathroom first thing, needing to pee. He normally gets a sticker after each time he goes to the bathroom, but honestly they don´t interest him as much any more since going to the bathroom is part of what he does as a normal routine now. But some days those stickers are very important.

I didn't do anything particular today since my body had to rest and wasn't feeling too well. Some cleaning and picking up after breakfast was all I did. The rest of the day was spent on the couch resting.

I picked up my son at around 3 pm and brought him a snack in the form of strawberries. He was overjoyed and loved it! He tells me each morning how important it is to him that I bring a snack after daycare. I don't dare forget it, because honestly, if he doesn't get his snack, he'll be a bit cranky for the rest of the evening before dinner.

We spent an hour at the park before heading home. On the way home he stopped to watch an excavator. There´s a lot of digging and building going on around our neighborhood at the moment. Many new buildings being built. Paradise for a little guy who loves these types of machines, even though he isn't as interested as he used to be.

It's very unusal that we go home early from the park, but for once none of his friends stayed and he, of course, didn't want to either. Instead we decided to go home and play some inside. I want to spend more time at home than the regular dinner + reading + sleeping, so this was a great chance for me to spend some quality time with my little guy. I had to document him chewing on his nails. This is something he does A LOT at the moment and we have not found any way of stopping it yet. It's so often that it even disturbs his play time. We just don't know what to do.

Wednesday means game night for dad, so D and I eat dinner on our own. Mostly these nights are extra cozy since I get all the attention from him, and he gets all the attention from me. When I make us dinner he normally gets to watch his favorite show 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' so I had to take a print screen of that and a photo of him watching it, of course.

Dinner today was meatballs and pasta, simple and appreciated.

 Below are also a few photos from dad's angle and from his game night. I will have him tell the story of the game night once I put together the album.

I had time to myself to reflect on what I want to do this week.
I had a wonderful evening with my son.
I had a lot of mixed feelings about my lazy day and the fact that I even skipped swimming, something I always do on Wednesdays.
I had a few hormonal breakdowns and a lot of nagging at myself for not doing enough at home.
I had a loooong chat with my sun at bedtime. He talked for one hour in bed without stopping once. Obviously they had let him fall asleep at daycare, making our bedtime routine approximately 55 minutes longer than it normally is ;)

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