onsdag 19 april 2017

Monday April 17 2017 - Week in the Life

It's that time of the year again, my favorite project Week in the Life takes place! I love this project, especially since I quit Project Life due to time priorities. 

Many things have happened since last year when this project was up and running. I only blogged three days (as you can see looking back) and back then we had a 3-year-old son and I was pregnant. This time around we have a 4-year-old and a 10 month old little guy. I'm excited to see how life has changed and what things stayed the same despite this change in our family. 
One thing that's definitely different this time is the weather. Sure, it's April vs. last year in May, but still. We had SNOW on Monday, and during the weekend. It felt crazy. Our Monday wasn't exactly the way it usually is since we visited family for Easter a two hour car drive from home, but we made it home for dinner routines so I decided to focus on those.

Mommy´s little helper loves peeling potatoes and helping out with dinner, that´s definately something worth documenting. The dinner was from a pre-planned "dinnerbag", honestly I don't know what you call it in the US :P

After dinner we had the regular evening routines which normally tend to be me taking care of the little man and breastfeeding him one last time before bed while my husband takes care of the older son and brush his teeth, read to him and put him to bed. After I put my little man to bed I went and took a picture of my husband and older son. When they were in bed we did the dishes and sat down on the couch a little while before I sat down by the computer and looked through today´s pictures. I made a mini collage of some pictures I took in the car on our way home as well. 

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